To: Students & Parents ;

I believe all people deserve the opportunity to enrich their lives through education and there are many ways to do that besides sitting in a classroom. To some, traditional classroom learning comes easy and to others it is not so enjoyable but success can be found with different approaches.

I am a private academic coach/ tutor. I work with students of all levels to create unique learning environments, most often outside the traditional classroom setting, but specific to each learner for optimal success. I have a broad liberal arts background and am able to teach and/or offer assistance in most subject areas, including upper levels of  math and science. I love the challenge to be creative and resourceful when presenting subject matter. When working with people, my goal is to help them learn how they learn, when one gains personal insight to their personal learning style the world can open up for them – opportunities abound. 

I believe working with people to a privilege and an honor. There is no greater reward than building relationships and serving others. I enjoy people and the opportunity to influence their lives. Through academic coaching and tutoring, I have had and will continue to have such opportunities.

Please contact me via text/phone or email. 

I look forward to working with you and your students!!

Teaching with you,

Dr. Janie Christine Cauthen

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