Hello & Welcome!

My name is Dr. Janie Christine (jc.) Cauthen; 

I believe life to be about relationship, awareness, and leadership.


Life is about relationship – relationship with God and relationship with others. 

God created Adam to have a relationship with Himself. He then created Eve so they could have a relationship with each other and so Adam could share God with Eve. It is no different today; we were each created to have a relationship with God and then therefore with each other.


Life is about awareness – awareness of oneself. Gaining a greater understanding of oneself is self-awareness. Self-awareness leads to a greater understanding of identity, identity in Christ, in one’s family, in one’s organization, and in one’s community, including one’s position in Christ and 

responsibility within their world.


Life is about leadership – and leadership is about serving. True Leadership is leadership where as one becomes more aware of themselves they are then able to be intentional about investing in others. Servant leadership is about a place of personal responsibility within ones world evolving from awareness, personal growth, and greater understanding of their position in Christ moving into a place of transferability of spirit through True Mentoring.

Thank you for joining me in the journey of discovery of life, living, and adventure

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