There are several workshops, curriculums, and courses that have been designed and developed to be presented for diverse target audiences.

These can be done in person or virtually. 

  • Brainstorming or Rethinking Training
  • Futures/Foresight; Preparedness
  • Rest & Renewal Awareness Training
  • Self-Awareness in Cultural Settings: Leadership Training/ Cultural Appreciation Training
  • Strategic Thinking, Planning, & Leadership Training


Brainstorming or Rethinking Training

  • Discuss why “Brainstorming” in itself does not work.
  • Discover what tools truly work by overcoming assumptions, applying Kaizen (the idea that large problems are just many of little ones to address), setting goals, and not only looking for different perspectives but learning to appreciate them.
  • Work within inspiration of discussions to choose words wisely, not bash others ideas or dreams, and to think beyond where they ever have before … pushing out of one’s head all the initial limitations to the edge of what could be possibilities.

Futures Workshop: Preparedness

Discuss four main areas of preparedness

  • Purpose and value, and how one can incorporate change as a learning process and improve their future.
  • Mission and vision, discuss the differences between and instruction on writing a personal mission
  • How Foresight can be made Practical for all people, not just the economist, the mainstream media reporters, or academic scholars who study the future. And finally
  • How Foresight is part of Life… and to how to intentionally use Foresight to not only improve life but the future.

Rest and Renewal Awareness Training

  • Address the issues of time management as one of the greatest struggles of people, especially in leadership positions.
  • Discusses the possibility of understanding oneself as the first step to not living in a “Could-a, should-a, would-a” world.
  • Gain appreciation and understanding the value of living a chaordic life.

Self- Awareness in Cultural Settings: Leadership Training/ Cultural Appreciation Training

  • Explores how coming to the understanding self-awareness, individuals can become more insightful towards themselves, others, and their environment and culture.
  • Encourages the intentional pursuit of self-awareness revealing the benefits of self-awareness including self-development and accelerated leadership skills.
  • Discusses self-awareness as a lifelong process, and although all people experience a certain amount of awakening throughout their lifetime, those who choose intentionality towards self-awareness understand its true impact, experience its benefits, and are able to observe, absorb, and acknowledge how self-awareness has changed and enhanced their life.
  • Creative Training Seminar
  • Contributes towards greater understanding of what it means to be creative.
  • Encourages the appreciation creativity of yourself and others.
  • Builds built on understanding and appreciation that the evolving development of personal creativity – actively and intentionally moving beyond what was to what could be.

Strategic Thinking, Planning & Leadership Training

  • Discuss and discover what it means to be strategic and its application, pure and expanded.
  • Work through the process of Strategic focus:
  • Think Big – what is the big picture, what do you want to accomplish, what is the ultimate goal… and why
  • Think Little – within that big picture are a lot of details, no one person can make something happen, it takes many people along the way, and time and money and, and, and, and, this list is endless,
  • Think Through – what you truly want to accomplish, what is the big picture, the ultimate goal and how does where you are now play a role in to where you are going, how do the day-to-day events of your organization impact the ultimate goal, are they inline, or do they need to be adjusted.

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